Khoshala...a genuine name from one generation to another

Distinguished people are always found in one place...on the top. Its the place which carries within the insistence, the will and the struggle to reach the goals and fulfill the aims, the place of whoever is capable of keeping himself always on top no matter how hard the competition is.

And that's exactly what the Khoshala family did for more than 60 years, since they started with a small project lead by Mr. Abdel Fattah, who with his vision, experience in market, and acknowledgment of whats more important to the consumers grew that small project to make a strong difference and real change in the Egyptian market.

Following his steps, with his insistence to succeed more and more, with the aim to spread his family name all over the country locally and world widely too, Mr. Khaled Khoshala started to establish one company after another, with different range of healthy and distinguished products, that has absolutely no competitors when it comes to quality and taste.

Such products that invaded the Egyptian market and was a huge success, invaded the Arab world market and stayed on top of it. The name of Khoshala group became well known with its special distinguished products, trust and quality.

From success to success, world widely too, Khoshala name became a symbol of the trust and quality, as Khoshala group imports the top range of different kinds of cheese, the best range of the canned fish along with other class A products fulfilling all needs and tastes of the consumers.

Naturally, with this success, Khoshala group needed to grow more and more to cover all the needs of the different markets, so they started to innovate, develop and spread all over the governments.

Khoshala name became a hero name in the local, Arab and world wide markets, and will stay as promised innovating, creating, developing, and growing to introduce to you what you always need, dream, or ask for. We will stay a name of trust, quality, and distinguish.

We will stay a name that gives a new taste to life, taste of health, quality, safety and care... because we care for you.

Letter from the chairman

We promise to continue on delivering the best to our consumer.

Being and becoming who we are today was never easy. Since the early start of Khoshala group our vision was to reach on top and stay there, We faced all through the years lots of challenges, barriers and difficulties, yet We were able to struggle, fight and stand for our aim.

We were able to sustain our success, through our integrity, credibility and distinguishes. However the difficulties was we introduced quality and healthy products to the market like no other. We were able to gain our customers trust and their hearts through our unique services & products.

Today with our team structure & spirit we promise to continue on delivering the best to our consumer and develop ourselves more and more for his sake, as we know our consumer is after the quality and the premium products.


Delivering: Our actions speak louder than words. We are accountable, trustworthy, extra-ordinary, looking – forward company. We do what we say we are going to do efficiently & on time.

Winning: We act with confidence , we push ourselves to greater heights, and we don’t settle for less than being the best.

Solutions: we want customers for life. To earn our customers loyalty, we must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create value in their eyes. We want to be known for our reliability, flexibility , responsiveness and innovative services.

Inspire: Our inspiration is contagious, it enables us to unleash creativity to help people achieve their goals. Our motivation and enthusiasm inspire others to succeed.

Work: It’s always about efforts. We all believe that we we have tasks to do, our performance will be guided by a clear strategic statement for each business and by an ongoing quest for excellence within all operational and staff functions.

One: We believe that a company is nothing more or less than the people who make it up. Our people make the difference, we are one team, dedicated, hardworking, enthusiastic, teaming together to accomplish extraordinary errands. We have very different backgrounds, different believes and different communications.


With creativity, integrity and passion we help our clients achieve their most ambitious needs and objectives. We deliver the highest levels of professionalism and experience that exceeds all expectations with a world class service.

We are the company that will always be best in understanding and satisfying the product service and needs of the clientele.


We help our partners achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic communications objectives.

We are their shadow for a life time partnership. We desire together to put our best foot forward, through awareness, increased sales or other criteria mutually agreed upon between us.