Imported Products

Pure Natural Cheddar Cheese
Naturally , We Own The World - Class Natural Cheese. A Natural Cheese Which is Made Not Manufactured, Naturally Flavor full Not Flavor Stabilized, Preserves The Milk in A Delicious Form & Contains Natural Ingredients .Our Pure Natural Cheddar Cheese Comes Right Fresh From The Fridge To Your Hands
Tuna Fish
Our Story Lies in The Fuller Flavor of The Skipjack Fish Than Any Other Tuna Fish Kind, Its Premium Quality Pure Light Meat , Offers The Most Pronounced & Exceptional Taste of All, Making it The Desired and Preferred Species For Many Ethnic Healthy Dishes
We Offer A Wide Range of Canned Tuna Fish (Solid , Chunk And Shredded) in Different Sizes For End Consumers And Food Services .
Sardine Fish
Moroccan Sardine Fish That is High Rich in Omega 3's
Spanish Anchovies " La Baliza"
Our Anchovies Are True Fresh, Small, Silvery Fish From The Mediterranean And Southern European Coast, Filleted, Salt-Cured And Canned in Oil. They Are World Class Classified With Their Freshness & Taste, Adding a Value To Any Dish.
Blue Cheese "Bergader"
Since 1927, Bergader Rjkovard Cheese Has Been Produced From Top Quality Blue Mould, in its Natural Form, Made From Fresh Cow's Milk .It Has Owned its Secret Recipe Ever Since, And Have Been Known All Around The World With its Outstanding Quality And Taste. It Contains Absolutely No Additives or Preservatives
Olive Oil "Colavita"
Colavita is The Best-Selling Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Around The World. Cold-Pressed From The Best Fruit of The Olive Tree, it is The Natural Juice Squeezed From
Italian Olives One Day After The Harvest. Unmatched For Freshness And Flavor, COLAVITA Guarantees its Product To Be 100% Italian Olive Oil And Properly labeled.