Pure Butter Ghee

Avanti Pure Butter Ghee is a pure butter ghee imported from Europe, proudly known as the best, as it comes from cows eating 100% rapidly growing grass, then packed by automated machines in our factory.

Available Packing
12 Tins x 800 g
6 Tins x 1800 g
1 Tin x 15 Kilo g

6 Types Available of Pure Butter Ghee
Khoshala Butter Ghee(1600g)
Khoshala Butter Ghee(800g)
El Momtaza Butter Ghee(1800g)
El Momtaza Butter Ghee(800g)
Avanti Butter Ghee(1800g)
Avanti Butter Ghee(700g)

Loading Capacity



1 x 40" Dry Container Capacity

Pure Butter Ghee 12 Tins x 800 g 2250 Cartons
Pure Butter Ghee 6 Tins x 1800 g 2050 Cartons
Pure Butter Ghee 1 Tin x 15 Kilo g 1450 Tins