Cheese Blocks

Natural 100 % (Avanti)

Our Processed Cheddar Cheese is Filled With The Goodness of Milk, Premium Quality Cheddar Cheese & Butter. Each Slice is a Rich Source of Nutrients Found in Milk Such as Calcium, Vitamin A, B1, B2 & D, Niacin And Contains Protein Making it The Preferable For The Family in Regards To Taste And Health
100 % Natural Ingredients ( Natural Cheddar - Butter - Skimmed Milk Powder - Milk Protein - Lactose)
Free From Vegetable Oils
Available Packing

4 Sausage Shaped Blocks X 2.5 kg

10 Types Available of Processed Cheddar Cheese (Avanti) :
Red Cheddar
With Natural Olive
With Natural Cumin
With Natural Herbal
With Natural Jalapeno
Smoked Cheddar
Smoked With Pepper
With Roomy Cheese
With Black Seed
With Pastirma

Loading Capacity

rocessed Cheddar Cheese (Avanti)
4 Blocks X 2.5 kg
1 x 40" Reefer Container Capacity
2250 Cartons
Reefer Truck Capacity
2300 Cartons